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Electron Monkey Web Design

A New Generation Web Platform

Electron Monkey LLC is located at Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.
We offer a website design service with nice layouts and beautiful pictures.
Our core value is security. Control Management Systems like Wordpress, can be easily hacked; that is why we integrate firewall, IP blocker, scanners, antivirus, anti-malware and our technical support is constantly blocking threats manually every time we received a threat notification. Our maintenance package covers all your updates, changes, technical support, security, ssl, and more. We have many clients trusting us and putting their security in our services.
Our server's reability is very good.
We never were down after I found this server.
In the past, we worked with a popular company as a server provider, but we were down many times, and the worst part in working with them, was the comunication. They locked down their phones, technical support, and website, and it was very hard to contact them.
Electron Monkey responds fast if you have a question or when you are in trouble. That is why you can contact us (570) 419 2780 and we will be there for you.
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We love photography.

If you want professional images for your business, we can
certainly help you. We do photography for buildings, cabins, rentals
outdoors, and any of your website needs.


We’re Special, We’re Different.

We love to serve with professionalism, diligence, and speed.
We offer competitive prices, excellent technical support, security, and maintenance.
We guide our clients in different ways:
How to pick a good domain for your business.
Sending you a PDF tutorials any time you need.
Online trainings if you want to learn how to do your own changes.
Find some good ideas regarding SEO.
We will guide you to feel good with your website project.
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