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The worst case scenario

I don't know if you are currently facing this problem before or now, but it is the worst possible scenario when hackers login to your hosting account and they delete your entire website and add their political advertisement.

The other things that will make you very frustrated are when you call to your hosting or website company and they will respond to you this way:

Do you have a backup? (Did they tell you to do that before)
If you don't have any, we won't be able to help you.
If you have one, we will charge you $75 per hour.
We are not in charge of your website; if your website is compromising our server, we will have to block you.
We are not in charge of your website; you have to hire or contact an IT.

Probably they will have more negative answers for you, but the thing is...THEY ARE RIGHT.
Everybody is responsible to update all components in their website.
If the components, extensions, or your CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc) are outdated, the hackers will find OPEN DOORS to hack.

You don't buy a car and expect that the company where you bought the car to change the oil for you, or to change the fluids, etc. You have to do that, but they need to tell you.

Think about all the time you must to update your phone every year or two; you have to upgrade your device.

Why do I have to pay for website maintenance or security? Is it not the same to ask...Why should I buy an antivirus for my computer, because I don't have a cyber attack everyday?
The answer don't want to wait for that; you should be ready.

There is another scenario and this is when the hackers just put your website in another folder or when they just hide the index file in another folder.

This scenario is easier to fix.
But remember, when you get hacked, there are more things to fix:

1-Fix the website.
2-Find all the compromised files.
3-Delete all the compromised files and clean the website.
4-Change the passwords.
5-You need to find a security plan.
6-Contact Google.
7-Prove to Google that your website is clean.
8-Sometimes you have to contact antivirus companies to unblock your website from their blacklists too.

Hacking websites is so terrible, but don't worry, we can help you if the scenario is not too bad.
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